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A story of pain, love, and the love of pain.

Tear gas, butterflies, and the WTO. A letter from the Battle in Seattle.

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After the morning ceremonies of the Tibetan New Year, members and supporters of Seattle's Tibetan community line the street in front of the Sakya monastery in Greenlake, in preparation for the 8-mile trek to Westlake Center. This march is meant to bring attention to China's infringement on, and abuses of the people and the lands of Tibet.

March for Tibet. Solidarity with a country under lock-down.

by Scott Sands

published on: February 24, 2012

On the Tibetan New Year called Losar, Tibetans would normally celebrate for 15 days, visiting friends and family, and having friends to their own homes. Every day they would be surrounded by new faces. Everything would be new.

Nickelsville Organizer, Scott Morrow, left, and an unnamed man wait at their tents for the Port Police to arrest them.

Port Police Sweep Nickelsville.

12 residents and supporters are taken into custody.

by Scott Sands

published on: Oct 1, 2009

There were a few cigarette butts on the ground in the commons area of Nickelsville, late in the morning of Wednesday, September 30. Janice Connelly, of the Women in Black, picked them up. “Don’t you guys have a can,” she asked. “This is not alright.”